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Window shutters are an excellent way to add character to the outside of a home. In fact, this inexpensive solution can take an otherwise plain home and completely change its look. Shutters add a new dimension to the home, actually creating curb appeal. If you are interested in installing shutters to your home, you will find the project enjoyable and the results amazing.

Today, you can visit your local home improvement store and find pre-painted shutters ready for hanging. You will also discover that shutters come in a number of colors, shapes, and sizes, making this an excellent option for any home. There are two ways to hang shutters. One is a direct attachment method and the other uses hidden clips. Regardless of which option you choose, the project is easy.

With the direct option, you would screw or nail the shutter to the side of the house, going through the face of the shutter. With the hidden clips, the hardware is mounted to the house and then the shutters simply snap onto the hardware, which eliminates the view of any screws or nails. No matter which method you decide to use, make sure that the appropriate screws or nails are used for both the material of the shutter and the exterior of the home. For example, if you have chosen wood shutter, you would need to use directly using screws or nails while vinyl shutters stay up much better using the clip method since nails will cause significant damage.

For sake of example, if you have a brick or masonry home, you would start by holding the shutter beside the window and then marking the location where the top screws would go. This is done by measuring from three to five inches above the location of the shutter and then in the center. Just make sure you have the screws lined up with a mortar joint and not a brick. Once you have both shutters for each window marked, you need to drill a 3/16-inch hole where the screw location is marked.

Next, reposition the shutter, using the hole you just drilled as a template. Mark the anchor holes in the masonry wall by starting the hole with the drill but drilling only a little bit � just enough so you can find the location once you have removed the shutter. Now you want to remove the shutter and drill a hole that is 1/4-inch in diameter and 2 3/4-inch deep at the screw location. Once done, you will insert a masonry anchor in the holes.

Put the shutter back in place where it will be hung and secure it by driving the screws through the shutter and into the masonry anchor that you just added to the hole. Be sure you only tighten the screw so it is flush with the shutter�s surface and not indented. Depending on the type of shutter you bought, it may or may not come with colored caps that fit over the screw so they are hidden.

If you were using the hidden clip method, you would again drill into the masonry joint and add an anchor. The screws would then be drilled into the anchor for the hooks and then the shutter snapped into place.
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