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Fans are an excellent way to cool down a room without huge expensive. Fans come in just about every design possible from ceiling fans, to floor fans, to desk fans, to portable fans, to window fans. You name the problem and you can probably find a fan that offers the perfect solution.

For example, portable fans are the ideal choice if you want to improve the comfort level of a room. With this time of fan, you can use it with your air conditioner or on its own. Either way, you will enjoy a nice, cool breeze. Before you head out to the store to buy a fan, you need to determine where you will use the fan, how intense your ventilation problem is, and what style you want to fit in with your room�s d�cor.

For starters, a few examples would be a personal fan, pedestal or stand fan, and a high velocity commercial fan. A personal fan is no more than seven inches and the perfect choice for a desk or bedside table. The pedestal/stand fan is larger and can provide a 90-degree breeze. For the commercial fan, this produces the greatest volume of air and is perfect for hard to heat rooms such as the garage or basement.

For window fans, these fans sit right into your window and pull air from the outside, turning it within the blades, and then shooting the cooled air out into the room. The typical window fan will simply set within your window with the window open. The nice thing about a window fan is that if you live in a small apartment or home, it takes up no floor or table space. The motor is reversible so you can turn it on to cool the room on hot days or push humid or stale air from the inside out.

The type of window fan that most people are familiar with is the box fan. The benefit of this type of fan is that in addition to placing it in the window opening, you can also set the box fan on the floor. This type of fan is perfect for any room and does an excellent job in cooling the air. Most box fans have three speeds � low, medium, and high and a convenient handle on the top so you can move it from room to room as needed.

Window fans are also easy on the budget and since the fan snaps apart easily, the blades can be cleaned to help keep the air clean. Just be sure you always have the unit unplugged before you attempt any type of cleaning or maintenance. Additionally, if you have small children in the home, there are some precautions to take. For example, you can visit your local fan store or home improvement store to purchase a mesh grill to keep little fingers away from the blade. In fact, some fans come with this safety feature automatically.

Again, start by considering your specific needs, the size of the room, and the region in which you live. From there, you can choose the size of fan that will meet those needs and be on your way to enjoying a cooler environment.
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