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Over the past several years, more and more roofs are being constructed from metal. The reason for this increase in popularity is that builders and homeowners alike are beginning to understand all the incredible benefits associated with a metal roof. Now keep in mind that when we say, �metal roofs�, these roofs are not the old style you might envision. In fact, there are some very high-tech options on the market today that offer durability, are lightweight, and fire-resistant.

The truth is that a metal roof is superior to conventional roofs for a number of reasons. First, they offer years of protection, usually lasting as long as the age of the home. Since they are naturally resistant to mold, mildew, fire, rot, and insects, they sell very quickly. For people living in regions with high winds or heavy snows, a metal roof is an excellent option. Best of all, most manufacturers of metal roofs will provide warranties up to 50 years!

Another benefit is that a metal roofing is very lightweight, averaging from 50 to 150 pounds per square. When compared to tile at 750 pounds per square and concrete at 900 pounds you can see the huge difference and benefit. If you like, you can leave your existing roofing in tact and simply have metal shingles installed. The installation of a metal roof is truly amazing. The roof itself comes in multi-shingle sections, and sometimes in full sheets. A professional can install these shingles or the sheet in not time at all, usually shaving several days off what you would expect with a conventional roof.

Probably the greatest benefit is that metal is fire-resistant. You may already know that many states have banned the use of wood shingle roofs in that they are a fire hazard just waiting for disaster. When you have a metal roof installed, this risk is eliminated. Being a non-combustible material, the metal roof is rated as Class A, which is the highest rating for resistance given. Just remember that if you have a conventional roof underneath, then the rating could be lower.

Another benefit that surprises many people is that they are actually perfect for people living in hot regions. The reason is that the metal works to reflect the heat coming from the sun, which reduces the intensity of the heat hitting the home. The metal is not the good insulator against heat but the dead-air space located between the metal and the deck of the roof.

When temperatures rise and fall, metal expands and contracts much like wood. To ensure the roof is stable, most metal roof systems are designed with special fastening systems to support any movement. One thing to consider is that a metal roof is best installed on roofs with a gentle slope. Therefore, if you have a high-pitched roof, this might not be the best option.

Other downfalls to a metal roof include the cost. Because of the type of material and the many advantages, you can expect to pay from $1.80 to $6.00 per square foot for the material, not including the cost of labor. Noise is another consideration in that when it rains, some people say it sounds like being inside a drum. For some people, this is a problem but for others, they overlook the occasional distraction in favor of the advantages. Denting and marring are two other factors that can be a problem with a metal roof. If you have a hailstorm, you can expect that you will have some dents. For marring, some metal roofs are painted and depending on the manufacturer, it may or may not have a guarantee. If you think a metal roof would be a good solution for your home, contact a metal roofing company in your area for estimates.
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