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To improve the appearance of your home and help increase the value of the property, landscaping can do wonders. Just remember that improving curb appeal does not have to be an expensive endeavor. By choosing the right plants and flowers, and taking your time to shop around for bargains, you can completely change the way in which your home looks.

Studies show that by landscaping your home, the value of that home can increase by as much as 15%! For doing something fun like planting plants and flowers, that is a great way to build equity. Just remember, when the time comes to put your house on the market, people will typically make the decision to buy or not from the minute that they drive up to the house. Therefore, you need to make a positive impression, which can be done easily by landscaping.

The other great news is that the return on your landscaping investment is staggering. Let us say you buy $1,000 worth of plants and flowers for your home. When you sell your home, you will get two to three times that value back. If a family were out shopping for a new home and they are shown one home with a manicured lawn and neatly planted vegetation and another home identical but with overgrown vegetation, even if the interior of the homes is the same, the one with the nice landscaping will earn much higher points and sell faster.

Things to look at include the entryway. Whether you have a walkway that leads from the sidewalk to your front door or a stairway leading up to the home, you want to create a cheery look that makes visitors feel welcomed. Using river rock, colorful flowers, blooming ground cover, and light fixtures are the perfect solution. Keep the walkways uncluttered with pops of color.

For the front portion of the home, choose an area under the front window to create a flowerbed or raised planting bed. Here, you can plant all types of vegetation, mixing heights, textures, and color. Plant the taller flowers and plants in the back and then stagger the sizes down so the smaller ones are in front. Choose colors that will complement your home�s color and architecture. For example, if your home is painted with neutral colors such as taupe and cream, then red, yellow, and purple are great choices. If your home has more color such as blue or green, then a blue, yellow, or orange flower would be beautiful.

Make sure any severe slopes are terraced, if possible. While this can be an expensive venture, if this does not fall within your budget, plant wildflowers on the hill so they are covered with beautiful blooms. Hanging baskets with a nice summer mix will also add splashes of color and be sure the lawn is green, weed free, and cut.
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