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Hammock Introduction

Hammocks offer a great way to relax and provide a lot of comfort. Hammocks can be made of different materials, but in general there are two types of hammocks: hammocks with spreader bards and hammocks without spreader bars. This article will provide some tips for hanging hammocks for the home owner. It will go over how to hang a hammock both indoors and outdoors and will describe how to hang a hammock with a stand, a tree, or indoors.

One of the overall keys to hanging a hammock is to make sure that you have enough room to hang the hammock. Most hammocks should be hung in an area that offers a lot more room than the legnth of the hammock. If the hammock is hung in an area that is too small, the hammock may not fit, or worse it may look like it fits, but may touch the ground when it is used. You should generally add an extra couple of feet to the legnth of the hammock when you are planning to hang it. It is better to hang it too far apart then too close together

Indoor Hammocks

If you are hanging a hammock indoors, the first thing that you should do is make sure that you have an areas to hang it. Second, you should make sure that the area in which you are going to hang it has a sturdy place to alttch it to the wall. Do not a hammock using drywall only or it will not support your weight. You should try to attached the looped screws into an area of the wall that is solid like a two by four. Avoid gas lines and other electrical area.

You can use a drill the slightly smaller than the size of the screw to get it started, however. Then screw the screw into the wall and make sure that it is tight. You should then attach a s-hook to the loop part of the screw. Next make sure that hammock can hang in the areas in which you plan to place it. If the hammock has spreader bars, it must be hung so the weight is distributwed evenly. If the area is too large, you can use a chain or sturd rope to make up the distance. Next attach the hammock to the chain, rope, or S-hook.

Outdoor Hammocks

If you are hanging the hammock outdoors, you should select two trees that are the appropriate distrance apart. You can also use a side of a deck as one or both sides of the area for the hammock. If you are using trees, make sure they are sturdy enough. There are two ways to attach the hammock to the tree. First by drilling and screwing the screw with the circle on top into the tree. Second is by using tree straps. Then follow the same procedure as you have done in the paragraph above.

If you are trying to secure the hammocks using something else like a deck or board, make sure they are study and drill and screw the screw into the wood so that it is sturdy. If you are usinga stand, assemble the stand and attach the s-Hooks to the side of the stand and then attach the hammock to the S-hooks using either chain, rope, or the look at the end of each side of the hammock.

When you have assembled and hung the hammock, always make usre that it is hung sturily before you use it.

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