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There is nothing more dreadful than having to climb out of your car on a cold winter evening after a long day at work to open your garage door. With a garage door opener, you can stay snugly inside your warm car until you get inside the garage. The following morning, instead of having to open the door, drive the car out, get out and close the door, and then crawl back into the car, you simply click the button! In addition to an abundance of convenience, garage door openers also provide safety.

As you begin to shop around, you will find a number of different operations. For instance, the screw drive system is designed with a lifting mechanism that uses a threaded steel rod to move along. The nice thing about this particular garage door opener is that it only has a few moving parts so the maintenance level is extremely low and the power high.

Another type is the chain drive system. With this system, a metal chain is used to lift the door up and down on a track. This is the most common type of garage door opener and the least expensive. The one drawback is that they are often a little on the noisy side. Technology has offered yet another type of opener, which is available only through one manufacturer. This mechanism is computer controlled, meaning it uses neither chain nor screw. If you have a garage with little headroom, this is the perfect choice.

Be sure to choose a garage door opener that has the right size motor for your type and side of door. For example, if your garage has double doors, you need a minimum of one-half horsepower. Just remember that if you only have a single garage door, you can also benefit from this size motor in that it will not have to work as hard and thereby last longer. Additionally, you want a motor that has what is referred to as a soft start and stop. This means the overall operation is much quieter and the door experiences less wear and tear.

Regarding speed, the more expensive garage door openers generally are quicker to open and close the door. This means you get in and out of the garage quicker, which is an advantage for people living in harsh climates or in areas where they want the ultimate in security. It used to be that you had to be concerned about a door closing on an object or child. However, new laws introduced by the Federal government have changed that so all garage doors have to have stop features that when they come down and bump something, they immediately stop and then go back up.

For security, choose a garage door opener that has a built in light so the minute you press the button to open the door, the light goes on and stays on for a few minutes while you get out of the car and inside the house. Two other options for security include having a keypad installed so children can get into the house after school so no key is hidden for intruders to find, and an opener with a rolling code, which means that each time the door is opened, the code changes so outsiders cannot get in.
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