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Home generators have been a part of many homes but when Y2K came along, the number of people buying a home generator dramatically increased. Then when the 09/11 tragedy struck, the number increased even more. Home generators are very beneficial for a number of purposes.

For example, if you should lose your electricity because of a power outage caused by a power shortage or bad weather, you will still have lights and heat. By being prepared, you will have peace of mind that no matter what the reason for losing your electricity, you will have the home generator to produce your own power. Most generators are quite affordable, ranging from $300 to more than $1,000, depending on the model you purchase and amount of energy you need to produce. To give you an idea as to the types of models currently on the market, consider the following:

Coleman � Powermate, 3,750 Watt Generator with Portability Kit - $400

This model is sold at most home improvement stores, larger hardware stores, and online at Coleman�s home website. With this generator, you will have all the power you need and the convenience of a wheel and handle kit, making the portability a huge asset. With the two 120-volt outlets, you will have plenty of power to run lights, the refrigerator, a freezer, fan, television, radio, and sump pump.

Briggs & Stratton � Generac, 5,500 Watt Heavy-duty Generator - $650

Available at most home improvement stores or at Briggs & Stratton�s website, you will love the power provided with this home generator. Designed with five outlets and circuit breakers that are protected by a high-impact protective cover, this is a very popular choice. Other features include a muffler for quiet operation, 14-inch wheels for moving around easily, and a surge protection.

Briggs & Stratton � 7000EXL, 7,000 Watt Generator - $1,100

This generator is a commercial grade option with extended life. The high wattage is ideal for running many different appliances. The electric stat system can be started with the push of a button. You will also enjoy the convenience of a 25-foot long extended Panel 30-amp cord that provides the same power equal to four heavy-duty extension cords. You will receive up to 10 hours of continuous run-time that comes from a seven-gallon fuel tank.

Kohler � 12 kW Generator - $5,000

This particular generator can be powered by natural gas or LP. The power generated is enough to start and run a four-ton central AC at 48,000 BTU. Having just become available in 2003, this generator has already proven to be a hot seller.
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