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More and more people are realizing the value in having a gas fireplace. Wood-burning fireplaces are being converted to gas and even freestanding wood stoves are getting a makeover. Sitting in front of a glowing fireplace on a cold winter's night can be romantic for a couple or provide a place of relaxation and enjoyment for the entire family. Having a gas fireplace is easy, inexpensive, clean, efficient, and provides a beautiful enhancement to any home.

For one thing, gas fireplaces come in a number of different styles, sizes, and even colors. Whether looking for a heating source for one room or the entire house, a gas fireplace will do the trick. Most gas units can be used with an existing hearth, mantle, or masonry work. Some homes do not have natural gas and in this case, gas fireplaces can be purchased as units that can be filled with propane.

To select your gas fireplace, you want to ensure you work with a quality business that can walk you through all the pros and cons of adding a gas fireplace to your home. No matter what your current d�cor, you will find contemporary, Victorian, and ornate options. After you have determined the style, size, and color of your gas fireplace, an individual from the store where you will be purchasing the unit needs to make a visit to your home to determine any special installation requirements. Gas fireplaces must be sized for your specific heating needs, which can all be affected by the number of stories in your home, the height of your ceilings, how open or closed your floor plan, and so on. The dealer will provide a calculation on your home to determine heat-loss, which consists of the cubic feet of the area you want to heat, quality of insulation, types of windows, and other energy features already existing.

Additional benefits of having a gas fireplace is that you can choose from a number of special features that will increase the efficiency and convenience level. Electric fans are available that run quietly and help circulate the heat. Thermostats are a popular feature that controls when the fireplace is turned on and off, and maintains the heat at a consistent level, much what you would find with a normal furnace. Remote controls have also gained popularity, allowing you to turn the fire on and off, regulate the height of the flame, control the activation, and the speed of the fan, all without getting up from the couch. Finally, the logs come in a variety of wood types such as birch, pine, and oak and are made from ceramic, making them durable. These logs are so realistic in appearance that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between them and real wood. In fact, you can even purchase special material that is sprinkled on the bottom of your gas fireplace that gives the impression of glowing embers. If you are considering a gas fireplace, you will be thrilled with the incredible benefits, but also the convenience and comfort added.
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