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Millions of homes around the country have a freezer of one kind or another. Years ago, freezers were used primarily for large families. Today, the styles of freezers have changed so that even one-person homes can enjoy the benefits of a freezer. If you love to bake, you can make several of your favorite apple pies and then pull them from the freezer for company. If you enjoy hunting, once the meat is dressed, you can fill your freezer rather than buying meat from the store. Freezers are also great if you happen to be a bargain hunter. When you find those incredible sales at the grocery store, you can simply fill the freezer and save tremendous amounts of money.

If you are thinking about adding a freezer to your home, you will want to consider several things before heading out to make your purchase. You can simply use the following information as a guideline to ensure you buy the best freezer for your specific needs:

Freezer Capacity

Most home improvement stores carry freezers ranging in size from 5.5 to 25 cubic feet. You want to choose the size of freezer based on the size of your family. If you have a lot of people to feed, a larger freezer is an excellent option.

Also, consider the type of shopping you do. Do you like to buy vegetables and meats in bulk? Do you often make meals ahead of time and therefore, need more room? If you love to garden and store food, or hunt as mentioned above, then make sure you have ample room to store all of your food.

Finally, where will the freezer be placed? Obviously, the larger freezer size will take up more room so if you live in an apartment, small home, or simply do not have room, you will need to consider a smaller size.

Freezer Configuration

Freezers are designed in two design options � front loading and top loading, also called chest freezers. There is no right or wrong decision, simply preference for storage. For instance, upright freezers are nice in that you can simply look inside as you would a refrigerator and can benefit from the storage space in the door. With the top loading freezer, you can typically get more food inside and enjoy the various baskets to keep different types of food separate.

Many times, a person wants a chest freezer but because they take up more room, they turn to a front loading. Again, the choice simply depends on your personal preference and space.

Freezer Convenience

Each style of freezer comes with different control options. Although you do not necessarily need a top of the line freezer with all the fancy bells and whistles, there are some things that can make the operation a lot easier:
  • Temperature adjust controls

  • Magnetic door seal � Ensures the doors seals tightly

  • Locking door � not only a safety feature for children but also helps keep the door shut and food fresh

  • Self defrosting � this is generally standard but be sure and check, as this will save you tons of time and effort
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