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Do you live in a home where a wet basement is a constant challenge? If so, you can do some things to resolve the problem without hiring a professional and spending a fortune. The main thing to remember is that with a wet basement, that means that water is coming in from the outside somewhere. The first step is to determine there the leak is so it can be fixed. Many times, water can leak into a basement simply because a drain spout is not pointing away from the house or because the dirt around the foundation is sloping away from the house or there is a space between the home�s foundation and the dirt.

For example, if you have water in your basement, walk around to the side of the house where the floor is wet. If you see any space between the foundation and the ground, you can buy bags of top dirt from a garden nursery or home improvement store. Pour the dirt all around the foundation, filling the gap and then creating a slope that runs away from the house. Use your foot to get the dirt firm and add more if you need to. Build the level of dirt all the way up on the foundation but be careful that you do not cover any wood as that could rot. Immediately, the problem is solved.

Most people assume the worse with a basement leak. However, it can be something that will take you less than 30 minutes and $50 to fix. In addition to the top dirt, you should also make sure your downspout is not clogged and that it is facing out away from the house. If need be, you can add an extension to get the water even further from the house. Also, check your gutters. If you have a crack or break, or there is debris that is causing water to flow directly down and toward the foundation, you could easily have a leak.

If you live on a lot that is perfectly level, you need to make sure the footer drainpipe runs to the area where you have a sump pump installed. Many people that have flat lots experience problems with basement leakage since there is no downward slope for the water to run. In case, you can have the basement slab filled with crushed stone and then the wet location connected to the footer drainpipe.

Obviously, this would work best with new homes under construction so if you have the same problem with an existing home, you want to install the footer drainpipe inside or outside. Dig the dirt away from the home�s foundation and then install the pipe. The other option is to cut into the basement floor and install the pipe. Because this process is more complicated, it should only be performed by a professional.

If the problem is due to a crack in the basement wall, while it used to be expensive to have something like fixed, today, you can find all types of wonderful products on the market that can be painted on like paint. One such product is called Through-Seal and it is not expensive and a little bit goes a long way. You will have to mix the product up and it will leave the wall with a rough texture. If you prefer something different, look at various types of epoxy paints that can also seal cracks quite well.
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