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One of the greatest inventions for a kitchen is the kitchen or center island. Although the island has been popular for many years now, the advancements are truly incredible. You can choose from a smaller island that simply provides a little more countertop space and underneath storage or you can choose from a larger kitchen island with sink, cook top, and all types of other features. Additionally, the kitchen islands made today come in a wonderful variety of wood, all sizes, and are very affordable.

If you have an older home that was not custom built, chances are you have a smaller kitchen without much countertop space. Even newer homes can be challenged with not enough room. Many people enjoy keeping small appliances out on the countertop because they have families and use them to cook often. In this situation, while the appliances are now handy, there is no space to roll out cookies, bread dough, or simply prepare the evening meal.

An excellent option for the kitchen island is one that has a raised section where two or more barstools can be positioned, giving the kids a casual place to eat breakfast, after school snacks, or even do homework. If you love giving dinner parties, guests can enjoy sitting around the kitchen island, as the food is prepared.

The most common kitchen island is made from oak and features adequate countertop space and but also a prep sink for getting vegetables and meat ready for the evening meal. You can have the island countertop created with the same kitchen countertop material in the rest of the kitchen or choosing something that enhances. A great option is granite, which does not scratch, does not absorb foods and juices that could cause contamination, and comes in a huge selection of natural colors for any kitchen.

If your kitchen is on the smaller size and you simply do not have the room for a kitchen island, you should consider one that is mobile. You can have a kitchen island created with locking wheels. When you get ready to prepare a meal or need more countertop space, you roll it out away from the wall and when finished, roll it back.

The other great aspect of a kitchen island is the storage. Most kitchens, no matter how large, struggle with not having enough storage space. This problem is quite common and the island makes the perfect solution. Again, there are numerous designs from which to choose or you can work with a builder and have one customized. Typically, the kitchen island has storage on both sides, giving you two, four, or more extra cabinets. Another great option is to have side shelving where collectibles can be displayed. This makes the kitchen cabinet look more like a piece of furniture than a kitchen storage center.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will love the convenience. You will find kitchen islands at a number of places such as home improvement stores, furniture stores, kitchen stores, building supply stores, or if you have a creative streak, you might consider building your own!
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