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If you enjoy wine and would like a unique and attractive wine rack to display your many fine bottles, consider making one. This wine rack will also display your glasses and other items that you choose. You will be thrilled with the finished product. You will need a table saw and then start by visiting your local home improvement store to purchase all the necessary materials. These would include a hacksaw, router with chamfer bit, bar clamps, hammer, nail set, paintbrush, measuring tape, sandpaper, hex-key wrenches, and a two-foot leveler. For the wood, you will find birch plywood at either the home improvement store or lumber store. Buy three sheets of �-inch Baltic birch plywood, or if you prefer, a half-sheet, �-inch thick, and half-sheet, �-inch thick.

The wine rack measurements from the three sheets would be:   
  • Four-shelf box top/bottom panels, 31 � x 16-inches   
  • Four-shelf box side panels, 16 x 14-inches   
  • Four wine rack top/bottom panels, 15 � x 16-inches   
  • Four wine rack side panels, 16 x 16-inches

    The wine rack measurements from a half sheet of �-inch birch would be:   
  • Four wine rack dividers, 21 � x 15-inches

    The wine rack measurements from a half sheet of �-inch birch would be:   
  • Two-shelf box back panels, 31 � x 13 �-inches   
  • Two wine rack back panels, 15 � x 15 �-inches

    Other components include four legs, each 66-inches long, 20 horizontal brackets, each 16 �-inch long, 16 #21-5 Kee Klamp, 90-degree side outlet tees, four #20 Kee Klamp, side outlet elbows, four #61-5 Kee Klamp flanges, 4d finishing nails, wood glue, wood putty, and polyurethane.

    With the table saw, a rabbet needs to be cut along both upper and lower edges of each of the box side panels. Next, cut a �-inch rabbet along the rear edge of all of the shelf box top panels as well as the bottom panels, for the �-inch plywood-shelf box back panels. Using the glue and clamp, mesh the boxes together and rout a �-inch chamfer going around the inner edge of the box opening. To reduce the clamping time, drive the 4d finishing nails at the joints. For a clean look, countersink the nails and then use the wood putty to fill the holes. Next, brush on two coats of the polyurethane to all the plywood, allowing each coat to thoroughly dry and then sanding before the next coat is added.

    For the wine rack boxes, you will assembly them just as you did the shelves. Once put together, take the diagonal measurement on the inside, and then cut the wine rack dividers 1/16-inch shorter so they can slide in properly. Going along the sides of each divider end, rout a �-inch chamfer. This will show the wood's pile so you can cut two � x 7 �-inch half-lap notches in the center, again, add two coats of polyurethane, drying, and sanding in between each. Now for the base assembly, a horizontal brace will need to be installed in between each of the two pairs of the elbow fittings as well as the eight sets of the tee fittings.

    Now the brace sections need to be installed on the legs, making sure they are spaced properly. Once one leg is locked with the elbow and tee fittings, put another leg into proper position. As you do this, a ladder will be formed and the second leg will be locked with the fittings. This process will then be repeated with the third and fourth legs. Having one ladder lying flat with the fittings pointing up, add the rest of the braces. The ladder will then be fit atop the braces and the flanges for the bottom of the legs will be installed. The shelf and rack boxes are fitted, making any final spacing adjustments. Finally, choose your favorite bottle of wine, open, sit down and relax in your recliner, and enjoy!
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