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If you have been in the market for a trash compactor or curious whether they really work or not, you will find that a good compactor can actually reduce the volume of trash by as much as 75%! This appliance is perfect for growing families where trash seems to build up, quickly overrunning the garage. Best of all, the trash compactors of today are made to fit all kitchen sizes and configurations.

Although there are many different styles from which to choose, most trash compactors have similar features. For example, you will find that from one compactor to the next, the following features apply:
  • 1.4 cu. Ft. capacity
  • 1/3 HP motor
  • Anti-jam system
  • Tilt sensors
  • Toe bar draw opener
  • Removable key knob control
  • Noise insulation
  • Tilt away basket
  • Bag caddy for plastic or paper bags
  • Charcoal filter or air freshener compartment
  • Reversible panels
  • On/off control key
  • Ram force of 2,000, 2,300, or 5,000 pounds.
Just imagine how nice it would be to reduce your weekly curbside pile of trash from eight bags to just one or two! This is exactly what will happen. If you have the room, you could purchase a freestanding style. Most of these are designed with finished tops so you can also enjoy a little more counter top space. The under-the-counter model is typically installed between your kitchen cabinets just as the dishwasher is. If you want a flush console look, you can also buy trim finishing kits to make the appearance more streamlined. Finally, the convertible trash compactor is versatile in that it can be used as a freestanding compactor or you can choose to have it installed as an under-the-counter option.

Just remember that the size of the compactor will vary from one model to the next. Therefore, it is important that when measuring, you take exact measurements and be sure to include the trim kit. Typically, the models will range anywhere from 12 to 15 inches in width, 34 1/8 to 35 inches in height, and 24 to 24 1/4 inches in depth.

Safety features are also important when buying appliances, especially a trash compactor. Always make sure the model has an anti-jam system so the unit does not become jammed as it crushes the trash. Additionally, the tilt sensors are important in that they will stop the compactor from operating if it is sitting on an uneven surface. Finally, the removable key knob control prevents any accidental operation. For instance, if you have small children, you can simply remove this knob, set it on top of the refrigerator, and then insert it when you need to use the compactor. Other than an occasional cleaning, you will not need to worry about serious cleaning issues. Simply follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and your trash compactor will keep on operating for years, making life easier for you.
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