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When most people hear the words "kitchen remodeling" they envision the entire kitchen being gutted and rebuilt. While a complete remodel does fit in this category, kitchen-remodeling can be any update or change made to your kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are the most visible feature in a kitchen and if your cabinets are looking a little weary, the entire kitchen will look outdated and tired. Simply by making changes to your cabinets, your entire kitchen can look like a brand new room, and best of all, it does not have to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can turn your drab cabinets into a masterpiece.

One of the main problems with old cabinets is not that the structure is bad but more the grease buildup, the color, and small scratches. Instead of throwing your cabinets out, you can breathe new life into them by changing their current appearance. You will find that you have numerous options, all inexpensive and easy. The results will make you proud of your new kitchen.

One option is to repaint your cabinets, which can be done by removing all the doors and drawers, taking the hardware off, and then cleaning and gently sanding the surface. After you have wiped any residue off, you need to prime all of the surfaces and then paint using your choice of color. Be sure the paint is latex enamel, which will provide durability and will be easy to clean.

Another great option is to change the appearance completely by using a jigsaw to cut out a few or all of the panels in the upper cabinet doors and replace them with glass, or dense mesh. With the glass panels, you can stencil or etch them by buying supplies at your local craft or hobby store. The process is inexpensive, easy, quick, and can be done with one or multiple colors.

Another option is to leave the upper doors intact but using a stencil or freehand painting, add a decorative touch. Even painting small coordinating dots strategically placed on the corners of the cabinet in batches of four or five will make a huge difference. This is your opportunity to get creative. If you are not sure what design you want, take a piece of white paper and practice several different designs or techniques until you feel comfortable. Remember that you can always wipe the stencil off and repaint the door with the paint color, so there is not way to mess up.

Another solution that many people have used is to create a gathered curtain. This is when the panel is removed from the center of the cabinet doors and material that matches border or compliments the other colors in your kitchen is installed on the inside portion of the door. If you like the country look, this is a beautiful way to enhance your old cabinets. You might even consider leaving the cabinet doors off and install a nice, scalloped lip in the front of each shelf. This creates a hutch-like appearance that is ideal for showing off your dishes. Once finished with this project, you will love your kitchen and be inspired to make changes in other rooms.
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