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If you are getting ready to shop for a new kitchen range, you are in for the surprise of a lifetime. There are so many different options, ranging from a simple range to magnificent stainless steel ranges just like professional chefs use. The first thing you need to do is measure the area where the range will be placed. Secondly, you will need to determine the size of the range needed based on the size of your family. Now keep in mind you can choose whatever cavity size you like, especially if you have a small family but love to cook or entertain. If you are not sure what cavity size to shop for, the following is a good guideline:
  • 1 to 2 people � 2 to 3 cubic feet
  • 3 to 4 people � 3 to 4 cubic feet
  • 4 people or more � 4 or higher cubic feet
Regarding style, again, there is no wrong or right. Some people love the high tech stainless steel option that looks professional while others like the old-fashioned looking style that you would have found in the 1940�s. Just consider the design and d�cor of your kitchen and your cooking habits.

For instance, a freestanding range is one that is finished on all sides with controls located on the backsplash. Slide-in ranges typically have controls on the front of the range and offer a clean, seamless look. Finally, a drop-in range is one that is unfinished on the sides with controls on the front. Often, a drop-in range will require modification to the existing kitchen cabinets.

Another decision you will need to make is whether to buy a gas or electric range. If you were replacing a gas range, then you would go with another gas range and the same for electric. However, you can change out your kitchen from gas to electric and vice versa if you like but that will be an additional expense. Both the gas and electric range offer benefits so you will just need to decide which one works best for your cooking.

For the gas range, you will find open burners and sealed burners from which to choose. These ranges come in sizes from 20 to 40 inches and will need to be hooked up to natural gas. The open burner option is one where there are large openings in the cook top for the burners. If you have food spills, you can lift the cook top up and easily clean underneath.

For the sealed burner, the burners are recessed below the cook top surface. For spills, they can generally be cleaned easily in that they are contained on the cook top itself. The biggest advantage to a gas range is that if you should experience a power outage, you will still have the ability to cook and produce heat for the home.

For the electric range, these come in smooth top and coil element design with sizes ranging from 20 to 36 inches. The smooth top design heats up quickly, usually has adjustable elements for both small and large pans, and a third element that can heat a casserole dish or griddle. This design is easy to clean in that you just wipe the surface down with a clean, damp cloth. The coil element design has elements that plug into special sockets. With this option, you can unplug the elements, remove the drip pans, and clean.

The coil element is the standard type range and cooks food more evenly than that of the smooth top. Additionally, if the smooth top should break, the entire surface must be replaced, which is expensive. However, for the coil element, each individual element and drip pan can be replaced, thus saving you money.
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