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One aspect of any kitchen update should be adding new appliances. Within the past few years, the design of appliances has taken on a whole new look. For example, you can find kitchen ranges that have a modern look to retro ranges, and the features are amazing. The ranges designed today are easier to clean, offer greater energy efficiency, look better, and come with all kinds of new and exciting features.

Take the electric range for example, this range has been completely changed. Although you can still purchase an electric range with heating coils, the glass top surfaces are very popular for their clean, sleek design. Unsightly burners are becoming outdated and in their place are a flat surface that when cool, can easily be wiped off in a matter of minutes. You will find glass tops that have a minimum of one variable burner. This means that by using the correct dial setting, you can use that burner for any size pan. A variable burner is a smaller burner under the glass that is located between two of the regular size burners. This is exceptionally handy when trying to heat something in an odd shaped pan. For example, if you have some type of fish or poultry in an oblong pan and you want to steam it, using the old style burner will not do the job. However, the variable burner will provide heat to the entire bottom of the pan, producing a wonderful, steamed dish. Additionally, these ranges have a special feature designed just for melting butter. Now you do not have to mess with double boilers or worry about burning the butter.

Since the hot burners for glass top ranges cannot be seen, they are designed with a special safety feature that produces a "hot surface" warning light. This light will stay on until the surface of the range is cooled down to a safe temperature. Accidental spills or splatters are super easy to clean. Instead of removing the coils and scrubbing the burners, you simply wipe the surface down. Some of the higher priced coil ranges are designed with porcelain drip bowls that help with cleanup. In fact, one particular manufacturer designs ranges that have a drip bowl without any holes on the bottom, which helps contain spills, making cleanup easier and quicker.

As you start your research for the perfect kitchen coil range, keep in mind the number of coils per burner. You will find that the less expensive models have fewer coils, meaning they will not cook the food as evenly, they will not heat up as fast, and the food will cook slower. Regardless of which type of electric range you choose, look at the placement of the knobs. This is one aspect often overlooked and if you tend to cook food in larger pots, you will find that some of these knobs actually prevent the back burners from being used. Another consideration is the thermostat. In the older model ranges, the thermostats had a variance of 25 degrees. However, the newer models have extremely accurate thermostats, so you may have to relearn the time to cook or bake some of your favorite dishes.

Finally, another major change you will find in the new ranges is that many are designed with fans that are used to help distribute heat more evenly. This allows you to cook more types of dishes all at once, which is especially great for baking. Now you can bake a pie, cake, and cookies all in the same oven without burning one of them. If you have a kitchen range that is an older model, take a trip to your nearest appliance or home improvement store and marvel at all the new options.
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