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Although pot racks are synonymous with chefs' kitchens and restaurants, many times people never give a second thought of installing one in their own kitchen. Although they may admire the sophisticated look and handiness provided by a pot rack, they are only admired from afar. If you want to update your kitchen and are eager for a new stylish look, consider having a kitchen pot rack installed or installing it yourself. Keep in mind that even small kitchens can benefit from a pot rack. As long as the rack is sized to your specific kitchen and placed in the right place, you can enjoy a pot rack.

Just as the pot rack is sophisticated in appearance, it also frees up crowded cabinet space. Most kitchens have one cabinet where all the pots and pans are stored. Each time dinner is made, several of the pans have to be pulled out in order to find the one needed for that night. This is a common problem and one that a pot rack can solve. Kitchen supply stores or home improvement stores sell pot racks in a number of styles and sizes. Installing one is as simple as following the directions provided. Generally, the time needed to hang a pot rack is a few hours and if possible, find an extra pair of hands to help.

All you need to install your kitchen pot rack are ceiling hooks, chains, and screw hooks. The kits usually contain wood screws, wood filler, brick molding, and stain or paint. If you are handy at building things, you can always make your own pot rack by purchasing the same materials and following the same directions. Once you have all the materials, get all your equipment together to include a ladder, screwdriver, drill, stud finder, tape measure, miter box, wood glue, and pencil.

You need to find the ceiling joists around the area where you want to hang the pot rack first. Then using your pencil, mark those positions, which is where the ceiling hooks will go. Using your tape measure, measure the distance between those points, which will help determine the size and shape your rack will need to be. Now you need to cut four pieces of brick molding to the proper length. The corners will need to be mitered and then joined using the wood glue. Next, countersink the wood screws, fill the holes with wood filler, and then finish that area with either paint or stain. Near the corners, drill out pilot holes, fasten the screw hooks into the holes, and attach the chains. Now you want to drill pilot holes where the ceiling hooks will be located. Securely tighten the screw hooks through the ceiling, directly into the joists, and finally, hang the pot rack.

Once you have finished with this project, you will be amazed at how wonderful your kitchen looks. In fact, this might be a great time to treat yourself to a new set of pots and pans to help show off your accomplishment all the more.
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