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The oven is one of those appliances that have made a complete transformation over the past 20 years. Interestingly enough, the old style that was used in the 1930�s and 1940�s is now a very popular choice. Many people have purchased a new oven although there was nothing operationally wrong with the one they have. They simply want one of the new designs.

Built-in Wall Unit

If you live in an apartment or have a small kitchen, you can choose from a wall oven. This built-in design sits among your kitchen cabinets, thus working well in small spaces. Typically, kitchen cabinets are built underneath and above the oven so you have plenty of storage space. The wall oven comes in widths of 24, 27, and 30 inch and you will have the option of choosing from a single or double unit.


The convection oven is what you find in most homes and the type of oven used in restaurants by professional chefs. The way a convection oven works is by using a fan to circulate the heat. Because of this, food cooks quickly and evenly. If you want to purchase a European model, you will discover that it has a third element surrounding the fan in the back of the oven unlike traditional convection ovens that have only two elements.

With the convection oven, you can choose from a standard-clean or self-clean. With the standard-clean, you will need to clean out the oven from time to time to remove spilled and baked on foods. For this reason, most people prefer the self-clean oven, which turns spills to a gray ash-like material that can be wiped out with a clean, damp cloth.


For many people, the gas oven is the preferred choice. For one, they like the way it cooks better than an electric oven and, it is more cost effective. With a gas oven, if you enjoy baking, you will find that the bottom of the oven is designed to deflect burner heat. Additionally, most gas ovens have a removable bottom so you can clean much easier.


With the electric oven, you do get a little more even baking since the two elements within the oven work together on both top and bottom. If you decide to go with an electric oven, look for one that features a tilt baking element so you can reach the bottom to clean.
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