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Most people do not realize how much difference new or different lighting can create especially when it comes to the kitchen. Most people like good lighting in this room since this common gathering place should be cheery and bright. The great thing about kitchen lighting is that you can change all of the lighting or simply add smaller lighting to brighten up specific areas. You may have a gorgeous set of china that you would love to draw more attention to - low-voltage lighting would be an excellent solution. Other examples would include a special area of artwork, a collection of something you have been saving for years such as crystal, teapots, or figurines, or an area where you often work on dinner. By adding low-voltage lighting to these areas, the entire room is enhanced.

Generally, low-voltage lighting consists of small, round lights that measure just inches in diameter. They can be mounted under the cabinets, inside of cabinets, on a sink valance, or pretty much wherever you want. You will find other fixtures available to include both 10- and 20-watt lights. Many of these come in finishes like black, white, or brass with a shiny or antique finish. For this type of light to work, you will need a 12-volt transformer as well as another 60-watt transformer. The other option is to go with three 20-watt fixtures or six 10-watt fixtures. Another benefit to low-voltage lighting is that you can choose from a number of control options. For example, you can choose micro switches, which are perfect for china cabinet doors in that every time the door opens, the light comes on. Other options include dimmer switches, which allow you to adjust the strength of watts being used from 25, 50, or 100%.

Low-profile strip lights are also popular for kitchens. These lights can be clipped on under cabinets or inside of cabinets. They provide a soft diffused light that is made in lengths of 10- or 20-inch, and finishes in black, white, or brass. This type of lighting runs on a 120-volt current with a built-in switch. What makes this a unique option is that you will get about 40,000 hours of light and once it burns out, rather than just replace the bulb, the entire unit must be replaced. In the past few years, rope lights have also become a popular choice for kitchens. Made from clear, plastic tubes with a string of miniature lights on the inside, you can hang these rope lights from valances, along railings, around the floor's perimeter, draped over cabinets, or wherever you like. Being so versatile and available in clear, yellow, blue, orange, and green, you can coordinate with an existing d�cor or use them to enhance your kitchen during the holidays. Rope lights are extremely easy to install and come in three-foot sections. You will also find T and Y connectors, which allow you to change the overall appearance.

Using mounting clips or mounting channels, you can hang the rope lights and then using screws or self-adhesive mounting tape, hang them from just about any surface. These lights run off a 120-volt circuit, standard in homes. Any of these options as well as other options can be purchased from your local hardware or home improvement store. When it comes time to update or improve your kitchen, along with the paint, wallpaper, and carpet, do not forget the lighting, which makes a huge improvement.
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