Kitchen Kitchen - Garbage Disposal Installation
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The kitchen garbage disposal is one of the greatest inventions of all times. Once someone has had a garbage disposal, living without one is almost impossible. Unfortunately, many people think they have to hire someone expensive to do the installation for them. If you can follow directions and are somewhat handy, you should be able to install your own garbage disposal with no problem.

If you happen to be installing a new sink or having a home built and the sink has not been installed yet, you want to make sure the garbage disposal is installed first. Doing it the other way around, you will find yourself working in a very tight space, making the installation more difficult. To install your garbage disposal, you will need a few tools to include:
  • Disposal and included hardware
  • Spud Wrench
  • Hammer
  • Tongue and Groove Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire Stripper
  • Putty Knife
  • And an extra pair of hands
Depending on your particular set up, you may need to install an electrical receptacle where the disposal will be turned on and off. Keep in mind that you can buy self-switching disposals that can simply be plugged into a standard receptacle that is always live. Start by making sure the electricity to that area of the house is turned off. Then, disconnect the sink trap and the basket strainer and make sure all the putty is cleaned. Next, disassemble the mounting assembly, which is removed from the mounting rings, the snap ring, and the gasket from the flange. Taking plumber's putty, you want to make a ring around the opening of the sink. With someone holding the flange firmly in place from above, you will work from underneath by gently slipping the gasket, mounting rings, and snap ring onto the flange.

While the snap rings hold the flange temporarily in place, you need to tighten the mounting assembly securely against the sink, tightening all of the screws clockwise just a little bit at a time until the seal is firm. Once that is finished, take the putty knife and scrape off any excess putty. The next step is to connect the electrical cord to the unit and mount the disposal unit onto the assembly.

Take the electrical cover plate off, which is located on the disposal. Using the wire stripper, you then need to strip the insulation from the wires, slide it into the opening, and then clamp it into place. The electrical connections need to be made and the wires gently pushed back into the cavity. Once completed, reattach the cover. Now take the drain elbow pipe and secure it to the garbage disposal. This is what will be used to drain the water from your dishwasher. Therefore, if for this to work, the nipple needs to be knocked out inside. Make sure the disposal is positioned correctly and once it engages; rotate the disposal so it is in the right position for attaching the drain hose.

The last part is to connect the drain line and the electrical box. You need to fit s slip nut along with rubber washer onto the drain elbow. Next, fasten the trap to both elbow and the drainpipe. For this connection to work, you may have to cut a little bit off the elbow pipe. If you have a double kitchen sink, then there needs to be a connection from the elbow to the second drain. Now hook up the dishwasher drain hose to the nipple of the disposal and secure it with a hose clamp.
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