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Many homes around the country benefit from one or more skylights. Not only do they create ambiance, but also they are very functional. Home skylights allow in natural light and if installed properly, look amazing. Even on cloudy winter days when the house has that dull look, a skylight can make a huge difference in brightening the room.

As you start your search for various skylights, you will discover some that are good and some not so good. For instance, you should really invest in something a little more expensive. Although you will pay more, ultimately you will be glad you did. When you buy cheap units made with plastic glazing with a poorly made flashing, you will be paying big bucks in having a professional come out to seal it so it no longer leaks. Therefore, save Extra money and invest in something quality.

There are skylights with venting systems that open up, or fixed united that stay closed. If you choose a venting unit, you will have the option of using a special rod to open and close it to let fresh air into the house or some even come with a remote control. The choice is really yours to make on whether you prefer and open or fixed unit but remember that if your skylight is tall, an open unit may be more trouble to open than just choosing a closed unit.

If you are thinking about a skylight in your bathroom, be sure there is adequate ventilation. If you do not already have a vent in the bathroom, you will need one that puts out a minimum or one cu ft per minute of air circulation per square foot of floor space or eight air changes per hour. This is important since the bathroom is one room that becomes steamy from the hot showers and baths so proper ventilation is crucial.

The skylights that were hung back in the 1970s and 1980s were made from a single sheet of thick glass. The skylights of today are actually made from tempered or laminated glass and then low-e and tinted coatings that can be used to control both UV rays and heat.

You will also find that skylights, just like windows, are rated for the level of thermal efficiency by the National Fenestration Rating Council. Because of this, you can look at the different U-value as well as light and heat transmission by going to . HYPERLINK "http://www.nfrc.org" ..www.nfrc.org. where the various ratings can be compared. Remember that while you will have a choice of many different tings, most professionals will recommend that you stick with the clear choice simply because you get a more natural light. Just remember that if the light becomes too intense, you can add a screen or shade so furniture and carpeting does not fade. Best of all, these coverings come with a remote feature if you like to make it super easy.

Typically, skylights come standard in sizes to fit on-center frames of 16 or 24-inch. You will need to hire a professional to cut one or more rafters or do it yourself. While this is not difficult, you need to be sure the roof is conventionally framed, meaning there are rafters on the sides of the skylight opening that are doubled up. Additionally, there should be headers added at the top and bottom of the opening. If you have a truss roof, keep in mind that this type of roof is engineered to handle roof loads. Therefore, adding a skylight is tricky. You need to make sure the skylight unit will fit between the roof members or you can install several small units together to fit between the members, thus creating a larger area for natural light.
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