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Before you begin any remodeling or home improvement project, you want to make sure that you obtain any required sites and permits. Unfortunately, many builders just starting out are very excited and eager to get going on the project and forget about the permits. By trying to get a permit after the building has begun can create a huge menagerie of problems. Instead, by going through some simple steps and following a proven process, you will actually enjoy the home improvement project since everything will flow smoothly.

The very first step is to find the site where you will build. Typically, this choice is comprised of personal taste, availability, and price. Many contractors believe that of the entire building or improvement process, this first step can be the most challenging of all. Many of the large sections of land that would be ideal are often bought by land developers eager to begin their own project. Because they buy large sites, they get great prices and limit your options.

Just remember when looking for a site that you need a lot that has appropriate drainage, a place that is away from hills or runoffs. The site should also be void of easements that would determine the placement of utilities. When you have a site with easements and restrictions, often you will discover that the placement of the house is also affected. Once you find the site that is ideal for your home or improvement project, you now need to secure the proper permits.

The responsibility for these permits is yours, acting as the contractor. In other words, do not expect subcontractors to get permits for their work. They may offer but again, you have the responsibility to ensure it happens. This might mean a few follow up phone calls, which is perfectly fine.

Once you have the permits, keep in mind that most have deadlines. This is why it is so important to make sure the subcontractors stay on schedule. If one of them misses a schedule that causes another to miss a schedule, you could end up with two worthless permits and have to go through the entire process again, wasting both time and money.

Just remember that the most important aspect of building or home improvement is planning. Before you start anything, including the process of securing permits, you need to have a solid construction schedule laid out and agreed on by all of the subcontractors. It is perfectly fine to have consequences established if they miss a schedule, thus breaking the contract. Sit down with each of the subcontractors to talk things over so you understand any problems or concerns and can work on them as a team. You need to understand not just the schedule but also the materials.

When you have your site chosen and the permits secured, you now need to start getting bids. Working off your construction schedule and plan, you will know exactly the type of subcontractors needed for the various projects. Talk to several people for each task, get references, and then after you choose who you want, you need a contract. With careful planning, you can build an amazing home or complete home improvement projects with little hassle and time or money lost.
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