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For people with large lawns or those that have physically challenges, a riding lawn mower is the ideal solution. You can choose from a standard model or go all out with one that offers features such as cruise control, ergonomic seats, and even cup holders. Generally, persons with one-half acre or more to mow will choose a riding lawn mower and if you find that you are in the market, consider some of the following information.

Buy the level of horsepower you need for your hard. Many times, people will go all out buying the highest horsepower they can find. Unfortunately, this means those individuals are paying for something they do not even need.

The price of a riding lawn mower will range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000

Be wary of the wider mowing decks. While they do offer a few more inches, you will pay extra when you do not really need it.

Lawn mowers are considered a long-term investment so when you buy, always buy from a reputable company, buy quality, and consider all your options

Learn the basic terminology of a riding lawn mower before you head out to shop. This will ensure you ask all the right questions and that the person selling the mower knows you have done your homework.

Some riding lawnmowers are designed with a front blade attachment that can be used to throw snow

When shopping, it is important to understand the difference between lawn and garden tractors. Yard tractors are bigger, have transmissions that are heavier duty, and typically offer more gear choices. This type of tractor is what you would generally use to mow your lawn. The engine power for these mowers ranges from 14 to 20 horsepower and the average cost is around $3,500.

The engine in a riding garden mower will vary from 12 to 18 horsepower. This type of mower has larger tires and wheels, offers greater ground clearance, and the front axle and frame are designed heavier. Typically, these riding mowers often come with attachments that include a rototiller to dig deep into the ground or garden.

Depending on the type of mower, some will be able to accommodate an attachment on the front as well as the back. If you want to add something like a mower deck to a yard tractor, you would expect to pay up to $1,000.

You will discover that some manufacturers offer a mower that is actually the size of what you would buy with a lawn tractor but that has been designed with a garden tractor engine. This is a benefit in that this type of mower can accommodate ground-engaging tools.

Just remember that as you begin your search for a new riding mower, you can expect to find a huge array of prices. Your best bet is to keep your eyes open for promotional mowers or even end of year clearance sales.

You will also find that mowers have different types of transmissions. The most popular option is called a hydrostatic, also known as a full hydro. This type of transmission is the strongest available but that means they are also costly.

The variable speed transmission is another option that is designed with several forward gears along with one gear for reverse. This mower is great for hills but not as strong as the full hydro option.

For the drive belts, try to find one that is self-aligning, which is the most efficient you can find. Just keep in mind that the drive shaft is very strong but it will consume more engine power and if it needs repair, it will cost you a good bit of money.

For the frame, the one-piece options is generally made from cast iron or stamped steel. They offer good longevity but because they are assembled with screws and bolts, they can get out of alignment. Another option is called the articulated frame, which is designed to bend in the middle. This complex frame is very strong and helps with maneuverability.
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