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Having a pet door comes with a lot of benefit in that your pet can come and go as needed without you having to get up to open the door. Most doors can accompany a pet door and amazingly, they are not that difficult to install and they are affordable. While you can always hire someone to install the door for you, as you will see from the instructions below, you could do it yourself.

Keep in mind that the pet door kits are prefabricated so they simply fit into the hole that you will cut. If you have concerns about security, you can actually buy a one-way door to let the dog out but that means you will still have to get up to let him back in. Other ways of ensuring security is to have the door with a panel that slides over the opening so at night or when you are away from home, you can seal the door off. In fact, most kits will include this cover but if not, you can use a simply piece of wood.

To cut the hole, you first need to know the exact size of the door that will be installed. To do this, measure your pet�s body width at its widest point and then add about two to three inches. This will ensure its body can easily fit through the door. Next, measure the animal�s height, again adding a few inches.

One of the most important things to remember is that before you cut the actual door, you should first make a cut out of cardboard the exact size to ensure it will be the right size for your pet. With these measurements in hand, you can then shop for the appropriate size door. Now you can make the cut in the door. Once the hole is complete, you will simply insert the pet door.

Another option new on the market is an electronic pet door. This type of door is actually activated by a device worn on your pet�s color. Best of all, these doors are installed just as easy as the traditional style but they do cost a bit more. Many of these styles can be purchased on the internet and then delivered directly to your home.

If you want to see all your options, you can simply visit google.com and in the address field, type in pet doors. From there, you will receive literally hundreds of companies offering these doors, ranging in style and price. Just remember that if you do buy online, look at the shipping and handling costs, which can be high depending on where you live. Regardless of where you buy your pet door, you will enjoy the freedom and ease they offer both you and your pet!
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