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By adding lighting controls, you can create any number of moods in any room of the home. For example, if you were sitting in the dining room while entertaining guests you can set the lighting to create an intimate setting. Then if you and your significant other want to share dinner alone without the kids, you can turn the lighting down even further for a romantic setting.

Other options include setting the lighting so that you highlight specific areas of a room, such as a fireplace mantle, piece of artwork, entryway, and so on. As you will see from the information below, the options for lighting control are unlimited, allowing you to enhance your home or office to your liking.

Take dimmers for example, with this specific device, you can raise or lower the level of light to include one particular light or an entire room. This particular option is the most popular device on the market when it comes to lighting controls. As an example, if you have a bathroom that you would like to have full lighting for during the day but need a small nightlight during the night, then you could simply lower the level of lighting simply by turning the dimmer down.

Typically, the dimmers on the market today are what are considered �solid-state�, which means you can turn them on and off very quickly. What is so interesting is that the amount of light switched is actually about 120 times each second. However, because the human eye cannot see this quick change, you see it as one light that is high and then quickly turned low.

Additionally, using a dimmer switch is cost effective in that they cut the amount of energy used. In fact, they will save you about 20% when dimmed about 20% lower and then when you dim the light about 50%, your savings on electricity can jump to as much as 40%. The other advantage is that by using a dimmer, the life of your lamp will also be extended.

Another lighting control to consider is a three-way and four-way switch. This is actually a single-pole light switch that is very common. All you do is flip the toggle up to trigger the circuit and then you can turn the lights on. With a three-way switch, you can control either a single light or an entire series of lights, all from a single location. In most cases, you would find a three-way switch in a hallway or at the end of a stairway although you can place them wherever you like. This means when you walk in the front door, you can turn the light on and then when you get upstairs, you can turn it off - very simple.

You can even find three-way dimmers, which will allow you to control the dimming factors again, from one end of the hall to another or wherever you place it. When it comes to four-way switches, the nice thing is that you can use them as is or use them combined with a three-way switch or dimmer.

Finally, occupancy sensors, also called ultrasonic sensors will allow you to turn your lights on or off automatically, with or without someone in the room. With the infrared type, they can be set so that infrared in the background when a person is present will activate the lighting. This is ideal if you are concerned about the lights coming on when you arrive home late from work or a night out on the town. This way, you can see immediately upon entering the home, which is a great safety measure.
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