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The nice thing about greenhouses is that they come in all sizes and designs. Therefore, even if you have a small yard or live in an apartment, there are greenhouse options for you. With a greenhouse, you can grow your favorite flowers and vegetables all year long. In fact, many people that compete in competitions will use a greenhouse in that it offers a better outcome since you have control over the environment.

If you are interested in having the opportunity to enjoy a longer growing season, a greenhouse is the perfect solution. Some greenhouses have to be assembled and some come preassembled. Regardless, none of them are difficult to work with and you will have it up in no time. You will find stand-alone greenhouses that can sit in your backyard, greenhouses that can be mounted on the exterior of your home, and even miniature greenhouses that are perfect for apartment living. The following give you a better idea of your options so that you can grow beautiful things all year long.

Stand-Alone (Free Standing) Greenhouses
  • Basic � The typical greenhouse starts off in size at 6-foot, 6 inches wide x 6-foot, 6 inches high, and measure anywhere from 5-foot to 14-foot, 6 inches long.

  • Compact/Compact Plus � This type of greenhouse measures 7-foot, 2 inches and 9-foot x 1 inch wide, 6-foot, 3 inches and 7-foot, 3 inches high, and are available in length from 7-foot, 6 inches to 14-foot, 2 inches.

  • Premium � The Premium greenhouse measures 9-foot, 1 inch wide by 7-foot wide by 7-foot, 10 inches high, and measures from 9-foot, 9 inches to 14-foot, 6 inches in length.

  • Master � This is one of the largest options used by the serious grower. The Master greenhouse measures 11-foot, 9 inches wide by 8-foot, 8 inches high, and measures in length anywhere from 16-foot, 6 inches all the way up to 65-foot, 1 inch.
Attached Greenhouses
    Mini Lean � This is a small greenhouse that literally leans up against the exterior of the house

  • Carport � This greenhouse measures 9-foot, 9 inches wide by 7-foot, 2 inches high, and comes in a length of 9-foot, 9 inches.

  • Lean-To Deluxe � This is a room greenhouse measuring 6-foot, 4 inches wide by 7-foot, 2 inches high and comes in lengths from 8-foot, 6 inches to 16-foot, 6 inches.
In addition to the actual greenhouse, you will be able to buy a number of different accessories to help you with the ventilation and watering aspects of growing. For example, you can choose to have windows that open so fresh air can filter in, automatic watering systems that produce a gentle, fine mist, shade netting for those plants and flowers that do not like direct sunlight, wire shelves, plant rings, and more.
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