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Pests are not just annoying, they are damaging and depending on the exact pest, they can spread disease. Typically, disease needs only three elements include disease organism, susceptible species, and proper environment. An excellent way to keep pests away from your yard and home is to keep a healthy lawn and plant specific types of plants that are highly resistant to pests.

What happens is that if a plant has high levels of nitrogen, they result in succulent vegetable growth. When that happens, the plants then become more susceptible to disease and pest problems. Keeping your plants watered properly and spacing them according to the instructions of the manufacturer will help reduce or eliminate the spread of pests. When plants are spaced correctly, they get good aeration.

If you have a garden with pests, you can always install a fence to help keep rabbits, deer, and other creatures out. Additionally, some plants will help keep animals out of the garden as well so be sure to check with your local nursery for recommendations. For insect damage on your young plants, you can use row covers and for fruit trees or fruit trees, you can buy special netting that will also keep the birds away.

Special traps can be set for squirrels. These traps merely catch the critters, ensuring they are not hurt or killed. When squirrels get into an attic, they can begin to chew wiring, insulation, and even the wood beams and joists, causing significant damage. The best option is to keep tree limbs away from the house, do not feed or encourage the squirrels, and if you do find that these pests have taken over, call an expert.

As you can see, there are many different types of pests. Some are simply the small mosquitoes that carry the West Nile Virus while others would be the woodpecker. For mosquitoes, make sure you do not have any type of standing water. This could be water left in a planter, child�s toy, or birdbath where mosquitoes go to lay their eggs. If you do keep a birdbath, just be sure you change the water every day. If you have a problem with woodpeckers, you can hang a metal strip or flag that will blow in the wind. With this movement, the woodpecker is scared away and the pest problem solved.
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