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When you are thinking of building a deck or patio or making some type of outdoor home improvement, there are a number of issues to consider. This article will outline some of the things to think about when making home improvements that include either a deck or patio. It will also provide some tips for having a successful project and will provide some pitfalls to avoid.

The first thing to do before you start any major home improvement project is to develop a home improvement plan. This plan will set the groundwork for you to start and finish your home improvement project effectively. First, it should include a plan or detailed overview of what you want to do. It should also include a timeline, the materials, personnel, and potential bottlenecks in the project. The home improvement plan can be used as a guide throughout the entire deck or patio project.

When you are dealing with decks or patios, there are a couple of things to think about. First, for most large deck or patio improvements you may need to get a permit from the city or locality that you reside in. You may also need to get permission from your homeowners association. Sometimes you will have to pay a fee to cover review of the plan by local officials and the review of the buildign site.

When you are starting to design your deck, you should take a look at how you want the deck to interact with your house or yard. Many people want the deck to attch to the home - in that case, you will need to decide where to remove siding to attach the deck to the home. This will provide some additional stability and will help to enhance the look of your home and patio or deck.

You should also decide the type and size of the boards that you will use. Cedar and Redwood are popular deck woods. Moverover, Pine can also be a good choice depending on the environment that you live in and the type of look that you are going for with your new deck. In addition, the deck wood should be treated so that it resits weather and damage better. The size of the wood can also influence how strong your deck is and how it looks. Many people opt for 2 by 4 or 2 by 6 wood; although other types will work well also.

Clearly building a deck can be an exciting project. It helps to have a plan, the permits, the materials, and the people to help you turn the plan into reality. Have fun building and enjoying your deck or patio.
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