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Many years ago, a canopy bed was something special for a little girl's room. Today, the elegance and sophistication of a canopy bed can be enjoyed by anyone. Canopy beds can be created in a number of ways and are perfect for any d�cor and any age.

If you want to create a romantic bedroom that you and your spouse can enjoy, consider creating a canopy bed by creating a small box section on the ceiling above where the bed will be situated, using four 1" x 8" pieces of lumber. Choosing rich, warm-toned fabric, cut smooth pieces that measure 1" x 8" and glue them to each side of the wood so it cannot be seen, or if you prefer, you can paint the wood a coordinating color to the fabric or stain it a nice mahogany or oak. Then, measure four panels, each measuring 16-inches wide by the length needed to reach your bedroom floor. This measurement is after a two-inch hem has been completed all the way around and a one-inch open-ended loop at the top for a tension rod, if used. Check your local fabric discount stores to save additional money.

The box is constructed using strong wood glue and two-inch finishing nails that are driven in at an angle, providing extra strength. Be sure to countersink the nails and then fill the hole with wood putty. Next, sand the surface over the dried putty so it is even and cannot be seen.

Hanging the fabric can be done in one of two ways. The first is to run the open loop of each panel through a tension rod that will fit the length of 8-inches. Use a total of four rods, each for a panel and fitting snuggly inside the box. The second option is to use a staple gun and start by tacking one end of a panel in a corner of the box and then taking the opposite end of the panel and tacking it to the opposite end of the same side of the board. Then gather the rest of the panel, spacing the gathering evenly along that one board. When finished, install the next panel, and so on until all are hung. You will then sweep two of the panels together to one side of the bed, and the other two panels to the other. The result is a beautiful canopy that is elegant.

By using different materials, the look can be changed dramatically. For example, a single female may want to use soft, chiffon-type material in two different pastel colors, creating a soft, feminine look. If the canopy will be used for a teenager, you can use themed material or bold colors. Other options for fabric are to consider pre-made curtains and even designer bed sheets. The possibilities are amazing and your bedroom will look incredible.
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