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Changing the look of a bedroom is a fun and easy project to do. With so many possibilities, you can completely change the look as often as you like. One option that is probably the most popular and creates the most dramatic results is using fabric. Unfortunately, too often when people are changing a bedroom, they think of paint, wallpaper, and even new furniture but often overlook fabric, which can make an incredible difference. By using a variety of fabric textures, patterns, and colors, your bedroom will have a brand new look.

Before you choose your paint or anything else for your new bedroom, pick out your fabric. The following guidelines will give you an idea of which fabrics to choose for creating a specific look although you can do whatever you like:
  • Romantic (feminine) - Soft textured fabrics, light or pastel colors, flowers, gingham, ruffles, and lace
  • Romantic (couples) - Multiple textures, warm earth tone, or bold, rich colors, plaids, stripes, occasional oversized flowers, ethnic themed (Moroccan, Asian)
  • Elegant - Leather, chenille, tapestry, deep, warm colors, paisley, stripes, oversized pillows
  • Contemporary - Leather, vinyl, cottons, sharp, edgy patterns, black, white, red, deep blue colors
  • Country/Nature - Multiple fabrics, plaids, checkerboard, animals, nautical, whites, blues, yellows, and greens
Remember that mixing patterns is perfect for any d�cor and any style. Even changing a duvet and curtains can change the bedroom's entire appearance. Remove an old-fashioned bedspread and dreary, outdated curtains and make a change. For example, using a white down comforter and white duvet with a red gingham pattern on the edge, coupled with large patterned white and red flowered curtains and a white and red gingham cornice, then adding a solid red chair with white pillows with a red starburst design in the center, would update your room beautifully. Another inexpensive way to update your bedroom is to change out your picture frames and group your pictures all on one wall. Rather than making all the frames the same, use a variety of styles and colors (wood, black, iron). For a country look, hang a set of larger pictures with a long ribbon that coordinates with your room and hang from the top of the wall.

A great facelift that is not too expensive and can be installed easily with the help of a friend is to add crown molding. You can purchase molding in a number of styles and heights, which will actually help make your room look taller and larger. If your bedroom currently has wallpaper, remove it, paint the walls a new, fresh color, and then finish it off with either crown molding or a nice border. Other inexpensive ideas for remodeling your bedroom include adding pillow shams and other accent pillows to your bed. These covers and pillows can be purchased or made. If you need a headboard, rather than spend hundreds of dollars, visit a junk yard or home improvement store to find a six-panel door. If possible, try to find a door without the doorknob hole cut out. Buy two sturdy legs that have screws, which can simply be screwed into a hole drilled in the side of the door.

Finally, you can paint the door a solid color, paint each panel with two or more colors, give the door an antique finish, or stain the door. Once complete, the door can be used as a headboard as is, resting on the legs or you can add a decorative touch with a painted design, add a stencil, or stamp design or decoupage the panels. Little touches can make the room look entirely different.
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