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If you want to enhance your bedroom, an excellent way to change its appearance and work within most budgets is to work with pillows or a canopy. You can use a few simple pillows with a pop of color, muted toned pillows for a more subdued look, or go over the top with lots of pillows of various colors and textures. If you want a clean and chic look, try stacking pillows vertically, graduating the sizes. For example, place the larger pillows in the back and then top those with smaller pillows. Finally, in front of the smaller pillows, you can place a neck roll for a great look. Then, to add interest, choose pillows of various colors, textures, and embellishments. You might consider mixing checks with strips and floral designs as well.

A great idea with pillows is to create a European look. You can accomplish this by placing three European pillows sitting up behind two standard pillows. Then, choose a rectangular shaped pillow to stand in between the two standard pillows. For more interest, place a few smaller pillows on either side of the rectangular pillow. Great choices for pillows in this scenario would be pillows with needlepoint floral designs, pillowcases and pillows with embroidery, ruffled shams, and even chenille.

For a more casual approach, place two standard pillows on the back of the bed. Then, add a 26-inch European pillow in between the two pillows but turn it so one of the corners is sticking up. Next, add a boudoir pillow and perhaps one small pillow in front. For the bedding, be sure you choose loose plaids or checks. The goal is to have a clean and finished look while keeping it relaxed and casual.

Just remember that the key with pillows is to be creative and throw out the old rules that you cannot mix stripes with floral designs. Rather than the design, you want to focus more on the color palette. For example, if you have a room done in white, pink, mauve, and olive green, try to find a few large pillows with a white, pink, mauve, and olive green stripe or plaid. Then, to complement those pillows, find smaller ones in a floral design that have some or all of the same colors plus a few tones within the same color scheme. You can then add a solid mauve pillow with olive green embroidery and a solid olive green pillow with pink and mauve tassels to complete the look.

For canopies, you can build or purchase different canopy holders if you do not have a canopy bed. These holders are installed directly onto the wall or the ceiling. Typically, a sheer curtain panel is used by draping it through the ring and then allowing the fabric to cascade around the front of the bed and then sweeping onto the floor. If you want a glamorous and sophisticated look, choose sheers that are white, ivory, or soft colors. On the other hand, if you prefer something more rich and elegant, then you could choose dark sheers or even tapestry or velvet material. Whether working with pillows or canopies, do not be afraid to go outside the box to try different things. You will be amazed at how adding pillows and/or a canopy to your bedroom will completely change the entire look and feel of the room.
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