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If you need to install a phone jack in your bedroom, whether for an actual phone, fax, or computer, you will find that with today�s technology, you can complete the task quickly and easily. First, most homes have what is called 4-wire phone wire. This type of wire is designed with a sheath that has four colors � green, yellow, red, and black. For the main phone circuit, you have the red and green wires while the yellow and black wires are used for adding additional phone lines. When looking at the back of a phone jack you will see both green and red wires feeding into the box. Inside the jack, the wires are then connected to the corresponding color. If you want to connect a line in your new phone jack, you will find that there are three primary ways to accomplish this:
  • Going down the inside of the wall, under the floor, and then into the crawlspace or basement

  • Behind or along the top portion of the baseboard

  • Up the inside of the wall and into the ceiling joists or attic
To install the new wire, the easiest and best option is by using the screws found on the back of your current phone jack. To install the jack, you want to first locate and mark the edge of where a wall stud is located, as this is the ideal location. Next, you want to trace the outline of the box right onto the wall at the edge of that stud. With a drywall saw, you will then cut an opening for the box. Now you want to run the wire using one of the three methods above.

Keep in mind that if you are going to run the phone wire by going through the wall, you need to pull it from the location of the new jack, taking it to the jack that is most convenient prior to installing the box. Then, to make things easy, leave 10 inches of wire running out of one of the box knockouts. If you are going to go through the baseboard, you can go into the box from the front just be sure you leave the wires long enough so you can gain access to them easily.

The next step is to screw the wall box onto the side of the stud and then strip 3/8-inch of the protective coating off each of the wires. Now, connect the wire to the screws found inside the new jack plate making sure you put red line to red line, green to green, yellow to yellow, and black to black. After completing that, secure the jack plate to the box with the screws that come with the plate.

Now, for the unattached end of each wire, again strip off 3/8-inch of protective covering. Now you will connect the wires of the new line from your existing jack again using the same color code as you did before. Finally, all you need to do is plug the phone into the newly installed phone jack and you are set to go.
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