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Using wall sconces is an excellent way to add mood lighting, lighten hard to light areas, or simply create a beautiful look that will enhance the d�cor. Over the years, glass wall sconces have come a long way. It used to be that you had just a few choices and none of them anything special. However, today there are some gorgeous designs to include those made to look like stained glass.

While you could pay more and buy a glass wall sconce, why not make this a project, something that you would be proud of, having made it yourself. The great thing is that making glass wall sconces is not expensive and generally easy to do. The materials you would need for this project include a standard sconce with a glass shade, spray paint for the base, liquid lead, self-adhesive leading strip as well as circle outlines, glass paint in the colors of your choice, paintbrushes, toothpick, and scissors. Optional materials include self-adhesive plastic jewel molds and a pencil and paper.

Start by painting the sconce base the color, texture, or design you like. For example, if you buy a sconce with a chrome finish but your home�s d�cor is rustic, then you would want to paint it a flat black or a color that would complement your colors and style. Other wonderful choices include antique gold, bronze, copper, and verdigris.

When the base is dry, then you will now create your design for the shade. With the self-adhesive lead strips and circles, you want to pull the backing off very carefully. Take the piece and slowly press it into place. To enhance the look of the lead, you can cut lines from other leading strops and place them along the edges, or if you prefer, just leave the stripping plain.

Once the strips are in place, trim off any excess using very sharp scissors. Now a good tip is that if your particular design is a bit more elaborate, you might want to consider working in stages, which will help the process go smoother. Now, you would place a dot on the inside circle, making sure the lines are connected, the ones placed from the outer edge of the circle going to the perimeter lines. Although simple, the design also has an elegant look.

When the design has been outlined using the leading pieces, you can get ready to start the painting process. Be sure you use �window color�, which is a specific product sold in craft or art-supply stores. However, before you get started with the painting portion of the project, open the windows and turn a fan on because the odor is quite strong.

The paint will come with an applicator tip, which allows the color to be pushed right up to the edge of the design you made. If for some reason you get a little paint on the lead strips, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it off so that it is now clean. Keep filling the design in, choosing solid colors or adding streaks or highlighting of other colors, if you like.

Another way to enhance your glass wall sconce is to use self-adhesive jewel molds, adding them to the painted area. Depending on the type you choose, you can create a luxurious sconce or something more casual. Marbling is another technique that is beautiful for the shade. To accomplish this, you would fill in the area you want, using clear glass color. Now remember, when you first apply this, it will appear white but as it dries, it will change color. Now, add just a small amount of your color of choice and run it through the clear paint. Then, just as you would with a marbled cake, take the tip of a toothpick and swirl it through the color and clear paint to create a marbling look.

After your shade is completely dry, you can go back to add very small dots of the liquid lead at the location where all of the lead stripping meets. This not only makes the design look cleaner but it also secures those loose ends, making the design stronger. When that is dry, you can then mount the shade to your dried base, plug it in, and enjoy the beautiful glass wall sconce you made.
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