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Many families around the country have discovered the benefits that come along with using a dehumidifier, especially those living in regions with high levels of humidity. When shopping for a humidifier, be sure you buy one that has an Energy Star raging. This means they will perform the same but you will enjoy a nice annual savings. In fact, over five to ten years, the savings is enough to pay the cost of the humidifier.

The Energy Star units are designed with top efficiency compressors, fans, and refrigeration coils. Additionally, they will remove the same amount of moisture from the air as the standard models while saving you up to 25%! In addition to the Energy Star rating, you should also consider features such as capacity, placement, operating temperature, water removal options, and relative humidity (RH) and humidistat.

The capacity is an important consideration in that you want a unit that will accommodate the needs for where you live. The way capacity is measured is in pints extracted per 24 hours. To choose the appropriate capacity for your home, you want to think about space as well as the conditions existing in the space. As an example, if the room is 1,000 square feet and has a damp feel and musty odor, then you would want a 14 capacity while a room of the same size with extremely wet conditions would need a 23. You can view the entire chart on the package of the humidifier to determine exactly what you need.

The water removal options are also important. For instance, elderly or disabled people would have a difficult time reaching down, pulling the tray out, lifting it out, and then carrying it to dump. You will find bucket types as well as those that have the ability of being drained with a hose. Another real nice feature to consider is an indicator light or alarm that tells you when the bucket or container is full.

The placement of the humidifier is also important to ensure you get the best performance. Typically, a top-mounted design can be placed right up against the wall but if you have another style, then it would need to stand clear of the walls and furniture to allow free air circulation. To maintain peak performance, you also want to ensure that doors and windows are closed off to the room in which you are using the humidifier. Additionally, place the unit away from any vents or other sources that could cause dirt or dust to clog up the coils and grills.

For operating temperature, they usually work best in areas where the temperature is maintained at 65 degrees or more. When temperatures drop lower, frost can develop on the condensing coils, which then causes the compressor to turn off and on. The result is that little to no moisture is extracted from the air and you are paying for the electricity used without the benefit of lowering the humidity. Finally, the RH refers to the amount of water vapor that is found in the air compared to the highest amount of water vapor that the air can hold at a specific temperature. The best performance will be achieved between 30% and 50%
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