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When people venture out to look at homes to buy, there are two features that are the first considered. These same two features are what can cause a potential sell to fall apart. The first is the kitchen. If this room is not roomy and updated, the home gets a black mark. The second is the number and size of closets. Most people want and need storage and if a home does not offer enough closet space, selling it becomes more difficult. Another scenario relates to older homes that are notorious for having few closets and little space. In fact, some of the homes built in the late 1800s have no closets at all. The same is true for loft apartments. While they are sophisticated and roomy, the closet situation leaves much to be desired.

Regardless of the closet size, if it is organized in a certain way, you will discover that you have extra space not ever considered. Many people think of extra space as moving things to the side and often forget about the overhead space. Another option is taking two small closets and combining them into one closet with a small dressing area. Bedrooms with vaulted ceilings are elegant but they have a lot of wasted space. By creating a third-tier space, you can hang out-of-season clothing and build shelves that are perfect for storing shoes, purses, hats, and other things that are seldom used.

Another great option for closets is having drawers built inside your closets or if you have an old dresser that is no longer good enough for bedroom furniture, you can add a nice coat of paint and place it inside the closet. These drawers make an excellent storage option for ties, belts, undergarments, socks, and so on. If your closet has one bar going horizontal for hanging clothes, change the single bar to two bars or a full bar and a half bar. By visiting your local hardware store, you can buy the end connectors for a few dollars and then from the hardware store, a home improvement store, or a lumber company, purchase a round piece of wood that measures the width of the closet for the bars. By moving the single bar higher, you can add a second bar below, literally doubling your hanging space.

Installing hooks on the back wall of your closet creates the perfect option for hanging ties, belts, purses, or hats. Consider purchasing an under-the-bed shoe rack or one that hangs over the back of the door. This will free up space on the floor of your closet for other things. You can buy a rectangular plastic box with lids for storing winter clothes, wrapping paper, pictures, or whatever you need, and then store it where your shoes used to sit. With a little creativity, you can turn your small closet into a space providing twice the original storage. Many businesses specialize in closet solutions that are easy to install and inexpensive. Look around your home to see if you have things that can be used to expand your closet or visit one of these stores to see what special solutions they offer.
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