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If you want to give your bathroom, a facelift without spending all the money required for decorating, why not change out the towels. Most people do not realize the impact that new and decorative towels can have on a bathroom. The change can be startling. Some of the following are a few decorative towels that would make your bathroom look fabulous.

Camellia � These towels are incredible elegant with borders that are woven from jacquard. The hemstitching and floral pattern is incredibly stunning and stands out against the taupe colored background. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, these towels are imported from Portugal.

Silk Towels � Yes, you can find silk towels that are the ultimate in luxury. In fact, silk is the strongest fiber known and this material is absorbent. Finding a set of silk towels that are combined with cotton is the perfect choice. They are elegant and woven perfectly. Many of these towels are imported from England and if you find the ones that are 48% cotton, 30% modal, and 22% silk, you can machine-wash them.

Elegant Hotel Towels � You can find beautiful towels just like those used at five-start hotels. You know - the kind of towels that are thick and fluffy. These towels are made from Turkish cotton and have a 700-gram weight. They are exceptionally soft and absorbent and finished with a decorative chevron border.

Vienna Towels � Elegant and chic, these towels are designed with a jacquard border that is in a stylish Vienna pattern that comes from the antique design of a French button. Made in Portugal, they come in 550-gram Egyptian cotton.

Rhapsody Royale Monogrammed Towels � Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, these towels are created with more loops than other towel designs. The result is a dense towel that is extremely dense. The towels come in a 660-gram weight and because of the material and way in which they are designed, the more you wash and dry them, the fluffier they become.

Millennium � Imported from Switzerland, these towels are similar to silk and very luxurious. Made from micro modal, a fiber made from 100% beech wood cellulose, they are 50% more absorbent than any cotton towel and much softer. You can find them in beautiful colors that can be washed in warm water without the worry of them fading.

Barnaby Bear � If you love appliqu�d towels, these are not only soft and absorbent, but also adorable. Made in England, these towels are perfect for a child�s bathroom. Made from 520-gram weight in 100% cotton, your child will love the way they dry after a bath.
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