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If you are like many other homeowners, over time the bathroom becomes the room in the house needing to be updated. Since this room is used everyday, it is easy for it to be overlooked but with a little home improvement, you can take the bathroom and make it look amazing. After all, if you have family or friends that come to stay, you want it to be comfortable and look new.

One of the best changes you can make in a bathroom is the sink. The designs for the sinks themselves along with the fixtures has made tremendous advances in the past few years, giving you literally hundreds of options that can turn a boring sink into something spectacular.

You will find all types of styles to include the standard, white porcelain sinks to those that are hand-blown and created from colorful glass. Additionally, you can choose from all types of material to include ceramic, glass, metal, and so on. Depending on the type of sink that you choose, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 or more. For instance, you could purchase a one-piece ceramic unit that could easily cost you $350 or higher while a simple pedestal sink might only cost $200. Other choices include wall-mounted and the newer console style.

The console sinks are somewhat new to the market and are a combination of a pedestal sink and a vanity. Typically, a very large pedestal basin is used, the pedestal is removed, and then legs similar to what you would see on a table are added. The console sink is not cheap, generally starting around $800 to $900. However, the look is what you would have seen during the 1920s, giving the bathroom a simplistic yet elegant appearance.

Consoles are also popular for many homeowners and bathroom themes in that they actually look more like furniture than a sink. Many of the manufacturers are experimenting with colors and textures to offer the public something different. For instance, you can purchase sinks made from terra cotta, have gorgeous glazes surfaces, and even china.

Additionally, the actual legs or supports are now being made from wrought iron that is intricately weaved and curved, creating a classic look that goes with any d�cor. Now keep in mind that as you begin shopping for these elaborate sinks and stands, you will also be increasing the cost. However, in exchange for the price tag, you will be receiving a fixture unlike anyone you know.

Finally, glass is very popular today as well. Many of the pedestal style sinks are designed like an old-fashioned �bowl�, but with sophisticated and even whimsical designs. As an example, if you were remodeling your bathroom in gold, bronze, and black, something rich and elegant, you might consider a cherry cabinet or pedestal with a hand-blown glass bowl of a rich amber and either black specks or swirls. The look is truly fabulous and all your family and friends will marvel at your new bathroom.
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