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Bathroom d�cor has made a complete change from what it used to be. Today, you will find bathrooms so amazing that you almost hate to use them. The old style of sink has changed as well. The market is now loaded with all types of designs in both the actual sink and faucet. If you are getting ready to update your bathroom, now is the time to choose something that will make a statement. Keep in mind that some of the bathroom sinks sold today cost a good penny but others are quite affordable and still very nice.

Sinks can be made from marble, granite, porcelain, stainless steel, and glass. You can choose to have a sink that is one piece in that it is connected with the countertop, one that is a drop in, or if you prefer, one that is a bowl design that sits atop a cabinet. These sinks come in every color imaginable. You can choose from a simple marble design to a stunning multi-color design that is beyond imagination.

For the faucets, you want to choose a finish and design that will compliment your new sink. As you will see below, there are a number of great options, ranging from simple to elaborate.

Widespread � This type faucet has a spout with both hot and cold water handles and are available from 6 to 16-inch drillings made for a three-hole basin

Center Set � This faucet has a spout and single handle that runs both hot and cold water. A center set faucet is designed as 4-inch, and fits a three-hole sink

Single Hole � With this faucet, the spout and single mixing handle are all designed as a single-handed control. Depending on the brand you choose, you will have the choice of an optional 6-inch cover plate.

Wall-Mounted � This type faucet is designed for freestanding and above-the-counter basins. You will need a long spout for the faucet to reach the sink and to clear the basin.

Faucets also come in a number of finishes. The nice thing about this is that you can actually change the entire look of a bathroom simply by swapping out the faucet. Some of the most popular options include bronze, brass, nickel, antique, ceramic, pewter, enamel, platinum, gold, silver, and chrome. Then, you can choose the finish, which would include matte, brushed, pearl, and polished.

Even the handles come in a variety of styles, each designed to compliment your sink and the new faucet. For example, lever handles are the most often seen and are perfect if you have small children or elderly people in the home in that they are easy to grip. The cross handles are nice in that they come in a huge variety of finishes that will enhance any bathroom d�cor. Finally, the motion activated handle is a breeze to use. All you do is place your hand under the spout and the water flows.
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