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Small bathrooms create unique challenges when it comes to space. Perhaps you have an older home with a small bathroom, which is common, or a newer home that has a small guest bathroom that you would like to make more functional and appear larger. Using the right tools and techniques, you can remodel your bathroom without having to knock out walls or build an addition onto your home.

If your bathroom has a window, regardless of size, by using a rollup shade and valance, you can make the window appear larger. When curtains are hanging down, they often close off space. Having the shade pulled up and just a soft colored valance, you will be amazed at the difference. The calmer colors such as off whites, neutral colors, and pastels can make the room seem larger. Stay away from bright colors and bold patterns on the windows, shower curtain, or walls. Another trick is to paint the woodwork around the window and doorway, cabinets, and door the same color as the wall. Rather than having several visual stopping points, you will have a smooth, even flow.

Using a soft color on the walls and painting one or two shades lighter on the ceiling will help make the walls and ceiling gently blend, making the bathroom seem larger and taller. Now just because you use muted colors on the walls, ceiling, windows, and wood does not mean the bathroom remodeling will be bland. To pull the right amount of color into the room, bring in bold accessories. For example, if you have a bathroom that is almost all white, create a basket for the countertop that is filled with bright reds, yellows, and blues. Another option is to add brightly colored picture frames with paintings that have nice splashes of bold color. Even the towels and rugs can be colorful, creating a beautiful finish.

Any time a person's eyes can be pulled upward, you have achieved the appearance of having a larger room. Wallpaper borders, ceramic tiles, or crown molding can all achieve this. To make the walls seem taller, you can paint a vertical stripe or choose a wallpaper pattern that has small prints. Mirrors are great for any room and the reflection is perfect for stretching rooms out, at least in appearance. Add wall mirrors on several walls to create a nice panoramic view or mirrors hung on opposite walls to give the room a longer look.

Instead of putting everything out on the countertop, keep the countertop space free of clutter, other than just a few accents. If needed, hang a wood cabinet for storage or add storage bins under the sink to help with storage. Make sure your bathroom has enough of the right kind of light. If possible, consider adding a skylight, or increase the lighting, keeping the glow soft and natural. Finally, consider changing out large cabinet hardware or oversized tub and sink faucets. Making simple changes like downsizing makes a huge difference.
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