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Are you tired of your out-of-date bathroom, wanting to create something incredible? If so, the market today is flooded with incredible options ranging from bathtubs, shower enclosures, ceramic floor tile, mosaic wall tile, light fixtures, sinks, faucets, you name it, you will find hundreds of options. You can choose one specific style of be a little more creative by choosing a combination of styles.

First, you need to decide on how you want the bathroom to look. Do you want something modern with great chrome fixtures and a Jacuzzi tub or do you prefer something a bit more country with red oak cabinets and brushed nickel fixtures. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

You will need to consider the size and shape of your bathroom to use items that compliment and not overwhelm. For example, if the bathroom is small, you do not want fixtures that are so large the room is swallowed up. The same would be true for a large bathroom in that you want fixtures that impress and are not overwhelmed by the room. This might include changing out the vanity, light fixture, cabinetry, and so on.

The lights are very important and can make a great bathroom. Choose fixtures that go with the room�s architecture. If you have archways, nice curbed sconces would look wonderful. However, if you have straight, clean lines, you want fixtures that also have clean lines with a sleek appearance.

For the floor, get rid of the carpet and linoleum. You can visit your local home improvement store and find everyday low prices for ceramic tile. In fact, if you keep your eyes open for end of season or overstock sales, you can actually buy quality grade tile for less than a dollar per square foot. Another option is to check online auctions such as eBay where even greater sales can be found. If you want to lay your own tile but have no idea where to start, also check with your larger home improvement stores, which often offer Saturday classes to show you how. In reality, the process is not that difficult and you will be thrilled with the final project.

An excellent way to update any bathroom is by changing out the bathtub. You can now replace it with a Jacuzzi tub that will simply drop right down into the space and in no time, you will be enjoying the relaxation produced by the jets and your bathroom will look amazing. A Jacuzzi bathtub used to be very expensive but today, you can purchase them for a fraction of the original cost. Set a few candles around and suddenly, the bathroom looks completely different.

Cabinets are also important. Remember to look at the right size and consider cabinets that offer a little bit of underneath space, a couple of drawers, and a rich looking marble, granite, or limestone top. You can choose from a solid top with a drop in sink or a top where a stand-alone sink rests.

Finally, do not overlook the importance of updating the hardware. Many times, people will skimp on the faucets when in fact they serve as a focal point for the room. Therefore, get rid of the shiny old-fashioned hardware and replace it with a beautiful brushed copper or nickel.
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