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Sitting in your own private hot tub or spa after a hard day of work or play is about as good as it gets. The nice thing about having your own hot tub or spa is that you can choose a style that comes with a cover so you can enjoy the warm, relaxing water even when the snow is falling all around you. Hot tubs and spas are great for the entire family and the perfect opportunity to create a little romance. Just imagine sitting under the star-lit sky, cuddled up with someone special, sipping on a glass of wine.

When buying a hot tub or spa, you do not want to rush into your decision. Typically, every spa dealer is after one thing when you visit their showroom � a sale. However, treat this purchase just like buying a car or any other major item. Look around and ask about the manufacturers, warranties, installation, potential problems, rating, and so on. Some additional considerations include the following:
  1. When you are not using the spa, will the water stay hot and clean? If not, why?

  2. Will you be able to customize the hydro-massage features with the jets/jet system?

  3. What is the best number of jets?

  4. Are the jets and pumps loud?

  5. How is the water filtered � 24-hours a day?

  6. Are the filtration and heating systems completely automatic are is programming available?

  7. How are the hot tubs and spas cleaned?

  8. Is there one type of heater better than another type?

  9. Do I need to worry about corrosion?

  10. What are some of the optional features to consider?

  11. What are the options for the underwater light?

  12. How hard are the controls to use?

  13. Can I choose multi-color or colored lighting?

  14. What are my options for a sound system?

  15. Does the spa or hot tub have the ability to be operated with remote control?

  16. What is the best cover system?

  17. What are the specifications for the electrical system?

  18. What is the most popular and comfortable seating configuration?

  19. Are all the components fully tested and supported by the manufacturer?

  20. What kind of warranty will I get and what all does it cover?

  21. Is the hot tub or spa completely insulated?

  22. How much will it cost me on a monthly basis to operate my spa?

  23. How much more is a skirt?

  24. Is the manufacturer ISO 9001:2000 certified?

  25. Are there any special awards or write-ups on the hot tub or spa?

  26. Have there been any serious complaints with the Better Business Bureau and if so, what are they?

  27. How long has the manufacturer been making hot tubs and spas?

  28. Can I obtain references from other customers before I buy?
All of these questions should be asked and if the dealer is uncomfortable in answering them, then it is time for you to move on.
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