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Something as simple as changing out the bath floor tile will move your old and outdated room into a new age. Best of all, this is a project that is affordable and with a little expertise, easy to do. Years ago, to tile over sub floor was a nuisance. You had to prepare the floor with mud, which has now been replaced by the new method of using cement backer board. This is actually quite inexpensive, running about $10 for a one-half inch thick piece that is 355-square feet. Additionally, this material is easy to cut and install, and works well with most types of installation.

Although you will probably get a lot of advice on the best way to accomplish this, the best bet is to remove any old flooring to make sure the sub floor is in good condition. After all, if there has been any water leakage over the years, chances are it needs to be repaired or replaced. However, if the sub floor were in good condition, then you would use corrosion-resistant screws, drive them into the plywood, and down into the floor joists. This provides a firm foundation for the tile that you will be using.

If there are any grooves or unleveled spots on the floor, you can fill them with a lightweight gypsum-leveling compound. You will need to prep the floor but the result will be that the tile will not crack from the uneven flooring. For the project, you will need fasteners, mortar, and joint tape and be sure you stay away from drywall screws! Additionally, to avoid having grout in the transitional areas, you want to use just a few beads of acrylic caulk so the joint stays flexible.

While you could install new tile over an old tile floor, professionals will strongly recommend you not do this. Instead, use good sub flooring and mortar so the tile will get a strong hold. When you use mortar and tile, the level of the floor is raised about three-eighths of an inch. To accommodate this new height with the door, you can simply take the door down and shave off the amount of door needed. The doorsill can then be built up to hide any changes.

When you bathroom has been updated with tile, you will be amazed at how warm and rich it looks. The room will experience a complete transformation that will update the room and give it a clean, polished look. Now all you need to do is paint the walls, add new towels, a new light fixture, and some accessories and you have a gorgeous new bathroom.
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