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Are you looking for inexpensive ways to improve and enhance your tired-looking bathroom? Is your budget limited? Would you like to update your bathroom for $50 or less? First, this is possible and second, we will show you how. After the kitchen, the bathroom is considered the second most important room of a home. To make enhancements to your bathroom that will increase the overall value of your home, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars. In truth, many things can be done that although inexpensive will look like you spent a lot of money.

Having your bathroom completely remodeled, whether doing it alone or hiring someone professional can be costly. Before you take out a loan or fork out big bucks to improve the functionality and appearance of your bathroom, consider some of these recommendations:
  • Choose tile appliqu�s to brighten and update the appearance of your bathroom. These decorative appliqu�s are inexpensive and easy to apply. In addition to sticking to tile, they can be added to mirrors or fiberglass. These appliqu�s are made in many different shapes and colors, ranging from fun to sophisticated designs. If you get tired of the appliqu�s after a while, they are easy to remove and replace with something different.
  • Get rid of the everyday bath towels and replace them with designer towels that will be hung just for show. Additionally, rather than just displaying one color, mix and match patterns and colors to compliment your bathroom color scheme.
  • Do not overlook the importance of a fresh coat of paint. Instead of staying with a safe color such as white or off-white, try something different. Great bathroom colors include yellows, blues, and greens. Use varying shades for a special accent and then use accessories to pull the colors together.
  • Rather than hang a plain looking mirror, visit your local home improvement or hobby store and choose a frame that will completely change the mirror's appearance. Frames can also be enhanced by adding different paint colors or a gold or silver filigree finish.
  • Throw out your old plastic shower curtain and purchase a nice fabric shower curtain with a plastic panel and novelty shower rings. You will even find different styles and colors of shower curtain bars. Some bathrooms are small, making bright and bold colors tricky to use. If this is your situation, try using a clear shower curtain or one that is the same color as your tub and then accent the room with colored paint and accessories. This will create a nice illusion of your bathroom being larger than it really is.
  • Another item to eliminate or change is the medicine cabinet. If you feel you need a medicine cabinet, choose one that enhances and updates your bathroom or choose some type of freestanding storage. Otherwise, get rid of the medicine cabinet altogether and in its place, hang a gorgeous mirror.
  • Finally, do not overlook the hardware on your cabinets, drawers, towel bars, soap holders, and robe hooks. You need to even look at your tub and sink faucets to see if they could be updated. Changing out hardware is one thing that many people forget about and amazingly, this one item, although small, will make a huge difference.
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